Crafts blog announcement and related book sharing


I've finally started a crafts blog, which is something I've wanted to do for a long time. You can visit it at Zimlicious Crafts.

In celebration, I'm sharing one of my favorite knitting pattern books hoping there are other knitter bookworms out there:

Vogue Knitting Shawls & Wraps 
by the Editors of Vogue Knitting

The most versatile of garments, a shawl can keep you warm in the winter, top off an elegant evening dress, or chase away the chill on a summer evening. It’s the ideal addition to any wardrobe—and the perfect project for both the beginner who’s tired of knitting scarves and wants to move on to something new and the advanced stitcher who likes a challenge. Vogue Knitting Shawls & Wraps presents more than 40 of the magazine’s most gorgeous wraps, all created by today’s top knitwear designers. Inside you’ll find a wide range of designs to suit any style or skill level, including:

• Delicate lace creations that will entice lovers of intricate patterns and barely there yarns
• Boldly colorful shawls that make a statement with vibrant stripes, blocks and colorwork designs
• Super-cozy wraps that envelop you in comfort—without sacrificing style
• Ready-for-evening cover-ups that sparkle with beads, metallic yarns and luxury fibers

No knitter will be able to resist the dozens of enticing designs featured in this stunning collection.

Patterns can also be purchased separately at the Vogue Knitting Online Shop in *pdf format.

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