Singletini by Amanda Trimble Review (Book #22 of 2010)


Singletini by Amanda Trimble
Published by Little Black Dress
Sometimes Flying Solo Means You Just Have to Wing It

sin•gle•ti•ni: A curious type of female typically found living in urban settings; possessing an unusual, some would say deathly, fear of growing up and getting married.

Meet Victoria Hart. She’s sassy, sparkling, and taking the Chicago dating scene by storm as a professional “wingwoman”—a modern-day matchmaker hired to help clueless guys find Miss Right. With nights on the town, drinks on the house, and clothes on the credit card, Vic is loving her glam singletini lifestyle. There’s just one little problem . . . okay, maybe two. She needs to keep her new career a secret, and the first of her friends just got engaged—ENGAGED!

Vic isn’t sure she’s ready to be that grown up yet—she likes her life the way it is. Not that being a wingwoman is all wine and roses. With clients ranging from cowboys and would-be porn stars to her best friend’s boss, Vic quickly discovers this late-night Cupid gig is trickier than she anticipated. To make matters worse, she somehow agrees to help plan her friend’s swanky wedding, complicated by a never-ending to-do list and a very shady groom.

With too many wingwoman gigs, bridezilla demands, and more and more friends eyeing the altar, Vic is starting to feel a little lost, a lot confused, and completely bombarded by love connections. Does she really want to stay solo . . . or use those wingwoman skills for herself? 

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 I do enjoy the Chick-Lit genre from time to time, especially in the summer when it's so hot that I feel like my eyes are evaporating. But this one was not a good choice.

The protagonist, Victoria Hart (who's also the narrator) is a 20-something woman living in the city, scared of growing up and getting married while her friends seem to do just that. I must admit that the whole wing woman thing was promising, but it didn't live up to its potential. Victoria sounds and acts way too immature, and reading the story from her mouth feels like the little sister chattering over your shoulder while you're on the phone-- too many eeks and acks, and way too much baby talk for my taste. If you're in your 20s and you're gonna curse, curse like sailor, woman!

All in all, I did not enjoy this at all, but a lot of people seem to have given it 5 stars, so maybe I'm missing something.

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