Lover Mine


I'm currently reading the sixth book (Lover Enshrined) in J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and I've already ordered the seventh and eighth books. The eighth book, Lover Mine, was recently released on April 27th.

I was searching for something completely different when I came across a video of J.R. Ward talking about the book on Penguin's YouTube channel. Now, since I have to read two more books before I can get to that one, I tried not to watch it, but I failed miserably. The spoilers aren't too bad, and I'm excited about the fact that she says she doesn't really see the series ending because there are so many possibilities.

She makes another good point about Lover Mine: we really did follow John Matthew through so many books, still are (well, I am due to where I am in the series) witnessing his physical and emotional development. I'm very excited to finally read all about him.

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