Bad, BAD Zim!


I've gone and bought books AGAIN. After paying off credit card, it's seriously the first thing I do as soon as I get paid. At least, this time, I didn't go overboard like I did last month. So, these are what I'll be expecting in the mail this month:

Lover Avenged (#7) and Lover Mine (#8) are the only books of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series that I don't have. I'm on book 5 right now (Lover Unbound), and I'm pretty sure I'll be done with that and book 6 by the time these arrive.

I'm also rather excited about Hush, Hush since everyone I know kept saying I'll love it. I wish I could have a week or two all to myself to just read. Dream on, no?

P.S. I've just realized I lied. I don't have The Black Dagger Brotherhood Insider's Guide either, but my friend Kathy --who got me obsessed with the series by sending me the first book-- said she'll get it for me, so I'm good.

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  1. I sent you a tweet before I saw this. haha! Hope you enjoy Hush, Hush. I loved it!

  2. You were the first one to recommend it, and then they just kept coming, so I went ahead and ordered it! =D


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