My favorite performance from this week's episode was Puckerman's Lady is a Tramp-- he totally nailed it!

And my favorite quote of the week was by Rachel, the same one my lovely JuJu-doll shared on her Facebook:

"I'm like Tinkerbell; I need applause to live!"

I'm super-excited that Neil Patrick Harris is going to be in next week's episode and that Joss Whedon is directing it. Can it get any better than that? I think not.

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  1. i love glee! and i love puckasaurus even more. he is just lovely <3 my favorite performance was jesse's girl! i'm an 80's fanatic, and i was really happy that they used that song in the show :)

  2. Oh, yeah! That's a very good, unexpected surprise, too =)

  3. Hey there - just hopping by! Stop by The Wormhole


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