Recipes from 1954!


I found this at the $1 books section of the bookstore today. I love love love the graphics, and I love the fact that it's in great shape. I wish I could find how it got to Turkey, but anyways... I think I'm gonna test the Mac & Cheese recipe first as soon as I have the time.


  1. where is this $1 books *pretty please*?

    by the way i have a shiny new book blog over on thanks to you :)

  2. The basement floor of Alkim Kitabevi in Besiktas =) And I'm following your book blog.

  3. ohhh i never knew they had a basement floor. how sneaky of them! first thing tomorrow i will go check their selection.. thanks for the follows i started to follow both of them (i suspect the writing one is also yours. i am delighted, i like your writing)


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