Amazon knows best.


I do love Amazon, don't get me wrong. They send to my country no matter what, and that's my #1 criteria when it comes to online shopping. They do, however, neglect the fact that my sister and mom and friends use my account to browse for things, and I get recommendations that are ridiculous for me. This time though I think this is one of mine.

Out of these, I've only read Atonement, and it's definitely among my favorite books. Has anyone read any of the others? Never Let Me Go is on my wishlist. I haven't seen the movie though and I don't know whether it's good to read the original or the movie tie-in edition. Thoughts?


  1. Never Let Me Go is amazing! It's on my list of favourite books, for sure.

    I started Atonement but I couldn't get into it. I might give it another go sometime though. I loved the movie.

  2. I've heard a lot of good things about it and definitely want to read it.

    I think you have to be in a certain kind of mood to like that book, if that makes any sense. I do hope you give it another try, though! <3


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