Book Review: The Missing Rose by Serdar Özkan


The Missing Rose/Kayıp Gül by Serdar Özkan

Every few decades an inspiring story comes along and touches the hearts and souls of readers across borders−like St. Exupery's Little Prince, Hesse's Siddarta, Bach's Seagull and Coelho's Alchemist...The Missing Rose is such and has inspired and enchanted readers from different cultures all over the world. This is the story of Diana a young woman whose desire for the approval and praise of others has made her let go of her own dreams and values. Her mother's deathbed confession that Diana has a twin sister calls her to a mysterious journey−a journey to a wondrous rose garden in Istanbul where she will be invited to converse with the roses. This international sensation has sold in over 30 countries worldwide including Holland, Italy, Germany, Finland, Slovenia, Japan, Korea, Spain, Brazil, Serbia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, France, Romania, Greece, Russia, Croatia, Lebanon, Indonesia, Canada, Hungary, Portugal, Turkey and the Czech Republic. "If you like books such as The Alchemist or The Little Prince you will love The Missing Rose." -Time Out"The Missing Rose is one of the most beautiful stories I've ever read in my life. When you finish reading it, you feel like you've received a gift. I felt like that." -Christine Michaud, TVA Television, Canada"A wonderfully inspiring story about seeking and finding true happiness." -Magazine 2000plus, Germany"Turk's Little Prince charms the whole world." -Helsinki Sanomat, Finland

I must admit, I so did not see the ending coming. I did guess that it was a possibility, but I begged it wouldn't turn out that way and then I forgot about it. But yeah, it did end badly. I think the main reason why I hated the ending is because it made me feel stupid.

It's a journey of someone finding themselves, which is usually a topic I love to read about, yet this time it didn't work. Even the talking roses that felt magical in the beginning just died for me in the end. 

Also, Diana journeys to Istanbul and then back to San Francisco... The book makes it feel like it's a ten-minute drive, and there wasn't enough San Francisco or Istanbul in it, which was another disappointment.

I so don't wanna try and hear roses anymore... The one thing that's good about all of this is that The Missing Rose made me realize how much I miss The Little Prince.

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