Men Who Hate Women


I've started watching this last night, but I couldn't finish it. I really, really liked the book The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, so I want to like the movie, too, but eh... The places, including the towns and the houses, are just like what I've pictured. But the characters I liked a lot in the book are so not working for me in the movie: Mikael Blomkvist has no charm, Lisbeth Salander doesn't look way younger than she is, and Erika Berger isn't fierce at all.

I'm going to finish watching it just so I can say I've given it a shot. For those of you interested, here's the IMDB link to the movie.

P.S. I find that my brain is automatically filling the blanks while watching the movie, which makes me wonder what the people who haven't read the book will think about it.

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  1. I actually like Blomkvist in the movie, he was cute. But yeah, he doesn't have the carm he has in the book.

  2. ^Yeah. And I still haven't been able to watch all of it.


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