This is just brilliant. My lovely JuJu-doll showed it to me the other day, and I just cannot wait for the new season. 2 more months.

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  1. i saw the dvd-set for the first season at D&R the other day (...it may as well be dost kitabevi, i am kind of amnesiac lately) and it was so shiny and awesome and expensive that made me want to immediately buy it. but then, considering i'd be miserably broke throughout the end of the month upon buying it, i gave up. fact: i've never watched true blood. i wanted the dvds because it looked dazzling :P

    (oh hello this is naz from livejournal. but you probably have guessed it by now :D)

  2. Even in the US they're way overpriced! I can burn the episodes onto DVD for you and mail them!

  3. that'd be really really really supermegaawesome! but in return i feel like i should also send you some stuff... what about some mixtapes? :D

  4. That'd be nice =) But you did already get me a present when you didn't have to, so don't worry about it, doll.


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